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Flickr gets snapped up by fellow photo-sharing site SmugMug

SmugMug + Flickr = Flickr Revival

Flickr a photo sharing site that was purchased by Yahoo in 2005, has been bought out by SmugMug. 

In an exclusive interview with the USA today, Smugmug CEO Don MacAskill revealed that he and his team are committed to feeding new life into the faded social networking site, which hosted interactions and photos long before. 
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SmugMug acquires Flickr from Yahoo, SmugMag + Flickr

SmugMug is a photo-sharing website launched in 2002. SmugMug CEO revealed that Flickr will remain in its current position and will receive updates as Smugmug will dedicate resources to its development. 

New management would mean a new start to birth and its millions of photographers who would appreciate an effort to refresh the site.

In the interview, Don MacAskill, who has been a longtime fan of flicker said that he doesn't have any future plans for the platform going forward. He said that Flikr is a new model for him and we need to operate it in a way to catch cash flow and profitability. He also added "We are going to have a detailed look at the business and take care it is growing and healthy.

What exactly management change means for free and paid tiers Flickr offers remains to be a much-awaited debate, but MacAskill in terms of Feedback emphasized the importance of making sure the future of Flickr remains in the hands of users and its employees. We will listen to our customers and when a majority of them ask for something that is important to the community or for them, we will go back and try to build it as they wish. 


Thre has been a lot of pleas to improve the Flickr after Marissa Mayer became the CEO of Yahoo. in 2012. But a little has been done since by increasing the file storage. and redesigning of Flicker Mobile apps. After all, thousands of photographers have been loyal to the platform, posting regularly and boosting up the rich groups and forums of the platform. 

Maybe now it is the time, the persistence and patience of those loyal users will find payoff. May Flickr gets the attention it deserves from the SmugMug so that it can be revived. 

We will update this article accordingly when we hear back from SmagMag and Oath Inc. So, add your views in the comment box about this news "SmugMug acquires Flickr from Yahoo"

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