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Top secret Whatsapp tricks and features 2020

Whatsapp has made billions of its daily based users due to its high standard features and tons of secret WhatsApp tricks. In this post, I'm sharing top 20 secret WhatsApp tricks and features.

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Whatsapp messenger, a freeware and cross-platform messaging service that made its numero uno position among the heaps of messaging service platforms. 

Of course, there are heaps of messaging services around the world but WhatsApp has stood up on almost all of them. The great thing about WhatsApp that made its blistering head start is its tonnes of valuable and interesting features.    

Its easy account setup and uneaten popularity have made almost every smartphone user rely on it for messaging services.
     In addition to the tonnes of feature WhatsApp providers, there are a lot more secret tricks you might not know about.

1. Turn Words bold, italic and strikethrough:
Sometimes certain words or sentences need more emphasis. so, for that WhatsApp allows you to make words or phrases you want to bold, italic, or strikethrough by using certain special characters.

Bold: To make certain words bold add an asterisk on both sides of the words. E.g *Secret Whatsapp Tricks*

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 Italic: Add an underscore on both sides of the words or phrases you want to make italic. Like _Top  Secret WhatsApp tricks

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 StrikeThrough: Add tildes to both sides of the words or phrases you want to strikethrough. Like ~Top  Secret Whatsapp tricks~

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  This feature is available for both Andriod and iOS. 

2. Hide the blue ticks:   
    What if someone sends you a message and you read it but are not able to instantly reply them. They will come to know that you read their message through the blue ticks feature of WhatsApp.
This can definitely land you in a whole world of trouble, especially when you will ignore someone or don't reply instantly.

   You can turn these blue ticks off, the blue ticks won't appear anymore so this can be great to read messages without letting the sender know that you read their message.

  This feature is available for both Andriod and iOS.

Procedure: Setting > Account > Privacy > Untick Read Receipts or toggle off read receipts in case you are using iPhone.

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 There is one more way to read messages without letting the sender know you have read their message. 

1. Turn on Flight mode on your phone:
2. Open WhatsApp and read the message you want.
3. Close WhatsApp and turn off flight mode.

   In this way, you will read messages without letting the sender see you have read their message.

3. Mark chats as unread:
   Have you ever been out, read a chat and then forget to reply? Well, it happens most of the times. So the good thing is, WhatsApp contains a feature to mark important chats as unread and mark them with a dot. So, that when you will get into WhatsApp again, you get a reminder.


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Andriod: Tap chat > Open menu > Mark as unread

iOS: Swipe left to right chat > Mark as unread

4. Hide your profile picture:
    Well, hiding your profile picture is an another interesting WhatsApp hack, especially when you are a member of several groups comprising of hundreds of members you don't know about. So, you can choose who sees your profile from every one, no one or only your contacts. 


For both Andriod and IOS

Setting > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo

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5. Get Shortcuts to specific conversations
  [ Secret Whatsapp trick for Andriod Only ]

     We all have certain special contacts that we talk to all the time through WhatsApp. So, what is good in it, is you can create a shortcut for your special conversations. thus, making it easy to get access to all these contacts without going to WhatsApp to find them there.


Long Press on a specific chat > Select Add Shortcut 

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6. Marking Important Messages:
    Sometimes some messages are more important than others. Whether it is some important article or news or any date you need to remember. In WhatsApp, it is possible to get them out and bookmark these messages. so, that in the future you can find them easily in the starred section of your WhatsApp.


For iOS:
GO to chats > Go to the message you want to mark important > Hold down and press the star.

Chats > Specific Message > Long press on the message > Press the start

top secret whatsapp tricks, whatsapp tricks
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7. Stop People Seeing Your Message:
    Sometimes we have to pass our phone to a friend or a relative. we get panicked about the messages they might see coming through on Whatsapp. Well, here come secret WhatsApp tricks in rescue. Yeah, you can turn off message preview in iOS so that only contact name is visible in notifications. Not the actual message or their life story. You can also turn off notifications to make your WhatsApp chat notifications completely invisible. 

    This WhatsApp secret trick is not available on Andriod. However, you can turn off showing private information on your lock screen in your device Lock Settings. you can also completely turn off WhatsApp notifications in your Phone Application setting. 


For iOS:
To disable Whatsapp Notification Preview.
Setting > Notifications > Toggle off show preview 

To completely disable Whatsapp notifications:
Setting > Notifications > Toggle off Show notifications.

8. Find Out how long you have been ignored:
     It is so annoying and heartbreaking to see these two blue ticks appear without following a reply soon after. 

    Well, Do you send a message to someone and he/she reads it and nothing replies with. Do you want to know when he/ she read your message? Wait, I have a trick that will help you to know how long you have been ignored. 


Chat > Specific Message > Swife left to right

Chats > Specific Chat > Specific Messages > Long press > Tap the "i" icon at the top of the chat.

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9. Save your data:
    Well, have you got a limited data plan and you want to save your data while using Whatsapp. Thankfully, you can do it by customising when media is download or what kind of media is download over the Internet. 


For both iOS and Andriod:
Setting > Data and Storage Usage > Media Auto-Download Setting. 

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    Since Whatsapp is the most popular used messaging platform and almost every smartphone user is using it. We get tons of messages from these conversations. There are certain conversations or contacts you want to get notified instantly when they call you or message you. Actually, you can specify specific ringtone for these contacts. so, you easily recognise when that person messages you or calls you.


iOS and Andriod:
Chats > Important chat > Tap On Contact Name > Custom Notifications

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11. Get Siri to read your message, reply or send a new message[iOS only]:

   iOS users can get Siri to read their WhatsApp unread messages. You have to say " Hey Siri, read my last messages and Siri will read it out loud. It will read only those messages which you haven't read before. 

  After reading the unread message loud, Siri will ask you if you want to reply to the message, you can reply it by using your voice. 

  Moreover, you can also ask Siri to send a message or call a particular contact through the WhatsApp.

iOS: "Hey Siri, read my last message

To call a particular contact:
"Hey Siri, send a message to this contact"

12. Find who you talk to most:
     We all have those special persons we talk often on WhatsApp? But what WhatsApp will show you, it might not be what you think. On ios, there is a feature that will help you to find the people you send the most messages to and how much storage each person takes up, among all your WhatsApp contacts.


 Setting > Data and Storage setting > Storage usage > Select Contact

13. Bubble messages or head chats:
     It is always quite nice to have small bubbles or chat heads in the corner of your phone screen. notifying that you have a new WhatsApp message. Also, the best thing about these chat bubbles is that they also show the DP of the sender. Thus let us know who has sent you the message. 

     This option is not available in WhatsApp official app. Don't worry, I have a trick. All you need to do is to download the "what Bubbles" app. Authorise it with your WhatsApp, and turn bubble notifications on. 

14. Lock your WhatsApp with a PIN:

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     Some of your WhatsApp messages may not be suitable for everyone like children, parents etc. No one of us would ever wish that something like this happens with us. So, if you want to lock out your WhatsApp from children or your parents, you can lock your WhatsApp with Lock for WhatsApp app.

15. Use multiple WhatsApp account on the same phone:
     In case you want to have more than 1 Whatsapp account on a single phone. Or you have more than 1 phone having WhatsApp accounts on all of them and you want to move them in a single phone. Yeah, it is possible now with the help of various Android apps.


1. Download and install Parallel space app or some other clone app from  Google play store on your phone.

2. Add WhatsApp on it and create WhatsApp account on it.

16. Send messages to all contacts at once:

      In case you want to send a message to more than one person, you can use WhatsApp broadcast feature.


1. Create a new broadcast list by adding your contacts to it.

2. Once you create a broadcast list, go to it and send a message

3. It will be sent to all of the select contacted in the list.

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17. Change chat Background Wallpaper:
     In order to change chat background wallpaper in WhatsApp

* Click on three dots present on the top right of WhatsApp window. 

* Click On chats

* Now click on the wallpaper option

* Now change wallpaper by selecting from phone gallery.

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18. Send your message in New font:
You can change your text font to New Font in WhatsApp by enclosing your message as given in the pic below.

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19. Backup your conversations to Google Drive:

Everyone loves to back up their WhatsApp chatting to get it in the future. So, it is must to have a backup of your WhatsApp conversations especially when you lose your phone or uninstall WhatsApp. This feature isn't new, it has been available for users for a long time.


* Open Whatsapp and click on the 3 dots to expand out a set of options. 

* Click on setting

* Click on chats option:

* Now click on chat backup:

* Now click on the Backup button to back up your WhatsApp conversations to Google drive

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20. Mention friends by tagging them in Groups:
Yeah, you are hearing right, you can now use the @ symbol to mention your friends in WhatsApp groups. Like this...

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Thanks for taking the time to read this piece of information. I hope you would have enjoyed these secret tricks. If you have any other secret Whatsapp trick or any other suggestion regarding this topic or the blog, please write to us in the comment section.

Although there are thousands of other secret WhatsApp tricks, here mentioned are some of the best tricks. These tricks will be updated with time, also some more secret WhatsApp tricks will be added to the post as I get more information regarding the topic. 

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