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        Affiliate Marketing is well known as a great way of making money online. Affiliate Marketing is a good way to earn a decent amount of money.

    We have already discussed terms related to the affiliate marketing and also top 10 cost per sale Affiliate networks of 2020 in the previous article. 


    Like CPS Affiliate, there are thousands of CPA networks. Here, in this post is the top 10 high-paying CPA Cost Per Action affiliate networks. So, let us start with number 1.

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1. MaxBounty:

maxbounty affiliate

      Over the years since 2004, successful Affiliate Network MaxBounty has been one of the well-known networks in the affiliate industry. As of now, MaxBounty is considered as the most famous CPA affiliate network in 2018. MaxBounty has got thousands of satisfied affiliates all over the world earning a considerable amount of money. 

2. PeerFly:

peerfly affilaite

     PeerFly has earned the reputation of being one of the fastest-growing CPA affiliates globally. It has already got more than 30,000 publishers around the world. It runs numerous CPA offers in various categories from many well-known manufactures. so, as a CPA associate, you can get a wide range of affiliate products to promote from PeerFly.

3. Clickbooth:

clickbooth affiliate

     Clickbooth can be seen as the oldest player dominating the CPA affiliate industry. It has been recorded that Clickbooth pays more than 100M a year to its affiliates. The best thing about Clickbooth is that they have a wide range of advertisers in every category.  

4. ClickDealer:

click dealer affiliate

      ClickDeaealer is also one of the popular CPA Affiliate networks. The interesting thing about ClickDealer is that they have got loads of offers with great payouts. Click dealer can be a great option if you are looking for an excellent CPA Affiliate Network. They have Remarkable Affiliate Managers who are continuously gearing up to help you. 

5. Global Wide Media:

global wide media affiliate

       Global Wide Media is another Affiliate Network making its place in the top 10 CPA cost per affiliate network. You can look forward to an entire variety of affiliate packages Global Wide Media.


cpaway affiliate

        CPAWAY comes at the top of the Top 10 CPA affiliate networks and also has been voted as the 6th best CPA Affiliate Network. CPAWAY provides a variety of quality services to both advertise and publishers.

7. Crak Revenue:

crak revenue

        Crak Revenue is a top-class CPA affiliate network. It boasts a large number of other associates in the affiliate industry. Crak Revenue has pioneered in generating large no of online leads over the past 10 years. 

       Crak Revenue has also been credited with many awards for its innovative projects and platform. the best thing about Crak Revenue is that they are specialised in Geo targetting, that means you will get the best conversations in the targeted regions. Minimum payout for Crak Revenue is $100.  

8. Cpamatica:

cpamatica affiliate

      Cpamatica is also among the leading CPA Affiliate Networks which focuses entirely on White hat offers, dating and Nutra. Cpamatica is the best idea for Affiliate marketers because they get superb offers, account manager and payouts. 

9. Panthera Network:

panthera affiliate

      Panthera Network also makes it among the top 10 CPA Affiliate Network. Panthera Network has got thousands of affiliates across the world and generates millions of sales per month. Panthera offers countless campaigns in all most all categories.

10. Above All Offers:

all above offers affiliate

      Above all offers in a short time has made a great name in the Affiliate networks. Above all offers is also known as one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks. Like other networks, they have 24/7 support facility.   

  These were the top 10 cost per action or CPA Affiliate Networks. I hope this helps you in finding the best one. One more important thing, I haven't worked with most of them so I won't recommend anyone. Before joining any of the networks, read their terms, payouts etc and choose the better one. Make sure you tell me which Affiliate Network you have chosen or you are working on, drop down in the comments below. Regards, Nasyx Nadeem.


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