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Top 10 Myths About Facebook

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We are living in an advanced world, Facebook has a vital role in this transformation. Facebook has changed the course of our lives. Facebook claims it has 2.1 billion monthly users. Overall all these stats prove how famous is famous among worldwide internet users. In the following article, I will talk about the top 10 myths about Facebook and explain their reason for existence and reality.

10. Facebook will be around forever:

Facebook has the largest number of users among social networking sites. Other social networking sites like Twitter, Snapchat and GooglePlus are growing faster each day and all of them have the ability to take down attention from Facebook. If this happens, there will be less user activeness of users and Facebook could lose its advertising sales and fade away.

So, this means if Facebook has to be around in the future, It needs to constantly innovate and add new features that are helpful for both users and advertisers.

09. Facebook is closing down:

Facebook haters enjoy spreading the myth that Facebook is closing down soon. There are certain claims made to prove this myth. As it is claimed that Mark Zuckerberg is overworked, has fallen out of affection with facebook and that the servers are overloaded. But there are no proofs and evidence of these claims.

08. Friends of friends can see your timeline:

This myth has been spread thousands of times even on Facebook. It is often spread out in the form of a chain of posts that ask you to share with your friends. This myth states that if you post on someone's facebook timeline then their friends can automatically get access to your private updates. The myth is totally wrong and must be ignored in every instance.

07. Friends can tell that you’ve looked at their timeline:

This myth states that your Facebook friends are able to see who looked at their profile. But, this is plainly wrong. Whatever activities you do on Facebook are always private. 

06. Facebook is free:

You provide information about you and your relationships in order to use the site. The more information you will provide to facebook the more Facebook will understand you. Similarly, the better understand you are the better-targeted ads are served to you. This helps Facebook to drive better revenue to run the site. Thus, in this way users get free access to Facebook.

05. Using Facebook is a wastage of time.

One of the biggest myth about the facebook is that usage of it is totally wastage of time. This can be somehow true if you are using it for hours and hours. But there are certain benefits of using Facebook like you can find long-lost friends, keep in touch with relatives and keep yourself updated with latest happenings. So, it is up to you to make Facebook useful or wastage of time.

04. The kids don’t use Facebook:

There are a massive number of Facebook users under 25. So, we cannot say that kids don’t use facebook. This myth is totally biased and has no connection with the reality.

03.  Your friends can see everything you post:

Facebook has many algorithms that decide which post to be shown to a user and which not depending on the popularity of the post. So, you cannot say that your post is seen by all your friends. Sometimes you will get more engagement and sometimes less on your posts. Like I have 5000 friends on my facebook account Ahmed Nadeem whenever I upload any post, I just get some little number of likes and comments. That means not all of my friends are able to see my post.

02. 10,000 people will come to your party if you publish it publicly:

This can be seen one of the biggest myth surfacing again and again on facebook. This myth states that if you will post a party invitation on Facebook, then you will get 10000 guests to the party. But this is totally wrong, you need to be enough lucky to get your invitation viral. 

01.  Facebook is private:

One of the most worse and worrying myths about Facebook is that it is private. But it depends on your Facebook settings whether your profile and your posts are visible or not. You can change your privacy to limit who will see your posts in the facebook setting. New users to Facebook are unaware of this and use Facebook like only their friends can see what they are doing.

These are the some biggest myths about facebook. If you know about any other myth please comment it. Your addition would be appreciated...

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