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    Having already said there are thousands of ways to monetise your blog. 

 Similarly, there are also hundreds of ways to monetise your blog with CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM ( Cost Per Mile) ad networks. 




    There is no such method which you can utilise to know which CPM and CPC Adnetwork is best for you. However, you can experiment with different Ad networks to check out which performs best for your blog or website. 

     All the below Networks work hard to let you earn more. moreover, earning from all of these networks depends on many factors like Geographical location, CPC rates and quality of traffic. You can also work on these things to increase your revenue.

     So, if you want to monetise your blog with these CPM and CPC ad networks, you have to select the best ad network which works for you.

      Most of the below ad networks require your blog eligible for the monetisation. You can check out there terms and conditions manually before joining them. There are also some ad Networks which provide on spot ads for your blog at the time of joining.

     Here we have selected some of the best, high paying, trustworthy Ad networks of the year 2018. So, pick up one of them to effectively monetise your blog. let us start with number 1. 

 1. Google AdSense:

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     Google AdSense is known as the best and the world's largest online advertising network. The best thing about Google Adsense is that it is completely free and provides an opportunity for bloggers to place high CPC ads on their blogs.

     It is a little bit harder to get approved for Google Adsense. You have to follow strict Adsense guidelines to get approved. 
     Google Adsense prefers only High paying ads on your blog so that you earn most out of your blog. These ads are most relevant to your blog content. thus, guarantying best earnings. 

    Google Adsense serves banner ads, display ads, search result ads, mobile ads and video ads. Google Adsense is particularly known for showing CPC and CPM Ads on blogs and websites.

 2. Propeller Ads:

propeller ads, how to earn from propeller ads

     Propeller Ad Network is seen as one of the fastest CPM and CPC ads network. Propeller Ads serves many Ad types like CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPL. 

    The best thing about Propeller Ads is that getting started with monetising your blog is so easy and on spot. Just, you have to create an account and add your site then verify your ownership. Thus in some minutes propeller Ads will serve ads on your blog. 

    The minimum payout is 100$, they also offer real-time reporting. Propeller ads offer ads of all popular sizes and types. 

3. InfoLinks:

infolinks, how to earn from info links

     Infolinks is also one of the best Ad networks that help bloggers to monetise their blog in a great way. If you have a blog containing mostly text, then Infolinks will work best for you because it is specialised in in-text CPM Ads. 

    Infolinks offers an innovative set of profitable and free ad units. 
Infold Ads ( OverLay Ads) 
InText Ads  ( Tag Cloud Ads)
In-text Ads ( Text Links Ads )
In Frame Ads ( Margined and framed banners)

    Infolinks records more than 200,000 publishers around the world. 

   The best thing about Infolinks is they don't cover up much space so you can use other networks as well.

 4. RevContent:

RevContent, how to earn from RevContent

   RevContent is also considered as one of the most premium and targeted native ad networks. In the short course of time RevContent has become one of the biggest content recommendation networks around the world. It has currently more than 100 billion content recommendations a month. 

5. AdSterra Network:

 AdSterra Network, how to earn from  AdSterra Network

    AdSterra Network is also one of the most popular, premium and highly Geo-targeted Ad network available for bloggers. It records more than 50 Billion geo-targeted ad impressions every month. AdSterra serves various ad formats such as CPM, CPC and CPC.

6., how to earn from is also one of the best CPC and CPC ad networks making it in the top 10 Adnetworks of 2018. 

    It serves ads from Yahoo and Bing, which comprises of a large community of advertisers. usually serves CPM, CPC, CPA ads. 

7. Revenue Hits:

Revenue hits, how to earn from Revenue hits

    Revenue hits is also a popular ad network serving PPC and CPM ads for publishers/bloggers. Revenue Hits serves contextual and geo-targeted ads on blogs, mobile sites, desktop sites, add-ons. toolbars and more. 

    Revenue hits serve 100% fill rate and serve over one billion ad impressions each day across the globe. Other than display ads, Revenue Hits also enables publishers to monetize their website by using apps, widgets, XML feeds, pop-ups and other formats. 

 8. BidVertiser:

 BidVertiser, how to earn from  BidVertiser

     BidVertiser is also recognised as a great way to monetise your blog with PPC and PPM AdNetworks. Bidvertiser serves various ad formats such as banners, rectangles, skyscrapers and mobile etc. 

     The best thing about Bidvertiser is that it provides additional revenue when user click leads into a sale. Also, Bidvertiser has got simple reporting interface which makes monitoring ad performances easy. 
   The minimum payout for BidVertiser is $10 through PayPal. 

9. ClickSor:

Click Sor, how to earn from Click Sor

    Click Sor is a Canada based Ad network serving over 900 million ad impressions on over 100,000 specialised websites. ClickSor crawls text on your blog and serves the most accurate relative ads on your blog. 

   Clicksor offers in-text ads, rich media, interstitials, and popunders to earn most out of your blog.

 10. PopAds:

PopAds, how to earn money from PopAds

    PopAds is a fast, efficient and secure advertising network mainly serving pop-under ads. Bloggers can monetise their blog traffic through PopAd's high paying, effective and high-quality popunder ads. 

    Popads have got super fast payment feature which enables bloggers/publishers to request their payment anytime. You can get your payment through Paypal or AlertPay within 24 hours after the request. 

     Popads have also got real-time stats which lets publishers keep their eyes on reports and charts always when they need. 

These were the top 10 high paying ad networks I did research on. All of them are best and high paying in their own way. You can experiment with all of them, to choose which suits best for your blog.    |||||||||||   Regards. NaSyx.   |||||   Have any question, ask me in the comments below. I will make sure I reach you as soon as possible with a better possible solution.    


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