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Top 5 Free Blogger Templates To Create A Beautiful Blog 2018

       If you are a beginner then blogger is the best way to start your online earning. In the previous tutorial, I have discussed how to create a blog. Now in this tutorial, I m going to talk about 5 best free blogger templates to create a beautiful blog. The best thing about these templates is that these blogger templates are responsive, easy to customise and Adsense friendly.

   Before getting into the tutorial, have a little bit knowledge about Blogger.

       Blogger a Google product is the oldest blogging platform active on the internet. Google blogger has been domestic to millions of bloggers from last 6 years and still continues a pretty solid market share in the content market. Out of all websites that run content, blogger is utilised by 1.9% of those websites. The reason why much people stick to Blogger is as it is from Google, so they expect excessive safety and satisfactory.

         Running a blog has been one of the most pointed out subjects in this decade. No longer just for people and innovative writers who want to construct their own groups on the internet, small and massive commercial enterprise owners have long come to the belief that blogging is a splendid medium for generating traffic, greater sales, loose publicity, and normally for building community around the type of content that’s being posted.

style="font-size: large;">          The benefit of having a blog running without problems outweighs the negatives for having a blog to set up. In addition to the benefits of growth in seek engine visibility, conversation rate increase, increase in sales, Blogging has much more to provide for all of us.

           The best thing about Google blogger is that you can style your own blog by the way you want it to look. Finding superb templates can sometimes be a little bit of a pain, not because there isn’t any availability, but quite the opposite as there are so many templates available in the mark that you can choose. There are the huge number of templates both free and premium.
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         In this tutorial, I am going to put forth the 5 top free responsive blogger template to design a beautiful blog in 2018. These are just the best templates as I thick, there are still thousands of templates that can be better than these I have chosen. so, you can also choose out of them. in the end, it's your authority to choose the best template for your blogger. the only thing you need to take care is that you must choose responsive one. a  responsive template provides your blog a mobile friendly version to show on mobile phone. So, let's start.  
  1. Need Mag:

Needmag blogger template, Plasma template for blogger, blogger templates, free blogger templates, 2018 blogger templates

     Need Mag is a blogger template with great features like
*  Rich Colour Combination
* User-friendly
*  Fast-loading

*  SEO Friendly
      Download Here   Preview

 2. Pixel:
Pixel blogger template, Plasma template for blogger, blogger templates, free blogger templates, 2018 blogger templates

       Pixel is one of the best blogger template completely free for private and commercial use. The best thing about this template is that it is advertiser-friendly, you can place your ads at different places inside your theme with ease.
Download Here   Preview

3. Kaplan:
Kaplan blogger template, Plasma template for blogger, blogger templates, free blogger templates, 2018 blogger templates

     Kaplan is a mobile friendly, fast, customizable and completely free blogger template. The best thing about this templete is that it can be used for any news or magazine style website such as fashion, automotive, travel, gossip, viral news, education, finance, sports and much more.
Download Here  Preview

4. Plasma:
Plasma template for blogger, blogger templates, free blogger templates, 2018 blogger templates
   Plasma is a beautifully styled template for fashion, Travel, technology and education. This template is completely free.
Download Here   Preview

5. Future Mag:Future mag blogger templete, free blogger templete, 2018 tech templete for blogger
   Future mag includes the best features like several ad spaces, several custom widgets, image slider and premium look. As far as I know, it is the best theme that can take your blog to the next level.Download Here   Preview

     These were some themes that I thought I should share with you. The best theme among above 5 is Need Mag if you have tech or news blog. 

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