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How do I Start a Blog on blogger and Make Money Online in 2020

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       There are a lot of ways to earn online. Blogging is one of the best among them. Blogging can be done on platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Wix etc. In this course, I'm going to discuss Blogger in detail. The tutorial will include how to create a blog, how to write posts, how to monetise it etc

    What is Blogger?
        Blogger is a free tool for creating blogs provided by Google. It was originally developed by Pyra Labs and was bought by Google in 2003. Generally, blogs are hosted at its own subdomain Bloggers blogs can also be hosted on a custom domain (like The best thing about blogger is that it is free of cost. Even in addition to hosting and subdomain, Blogger provides free tools like Google Analytics. That help the publisher to manage their website easily. 

Before getting into the tutorial must read this.
5 most common misconceptions about blogging

       Steps to Start Using blogger

   1. Create a Gmail Account.
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Before stepping into Blogger, you will need to create a Gmail account. Go to Gmail SignUp page and enter your credentials there Put your first and 2nd name in the first two boxes. While creating your account you will be asked to select your username in the 3rd box as in the above image. Get your email address (username) as you will be asked for it in the next step.

   2. Step into blogger.
   Go to Blogger and sign up with your email address.

  3. Set your blog name and address.

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   4. Select a theme.

    Select a theme from the given themes for your blog. You can also change your theme later in the blogger dashboard. Later, you can also get access to 1000 of additional templates, that you can upload on your blog. I will suggest you use a responsive and clean theme. A responsive theme provides your blog mobile-friendly version, that will help you in your ranking as well. Moreover, Most internet users are surfing the web through a smartphone, so if to get more traffic it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly version of your blog.

   5. Customise your dashboard.

   Now you are in your dashboard. Customise your sidebar, footer and header by adding widgets in them.  Start creating about us contact us and privacy pages. Then create categories about which your blog is.

   6. Write your first Post.
      Now it is time to write your first post. Make sure, you create your own content because by copying others content, you will just waste your time and will real nowhere. 
   Regards. Suggestions are always welcome. Having any question about the topic or anything else related to tech, feel free to reach us.
   Nasyx Nadeem
   Note: This was just a basic part of blogging. I will take it to advanced later. We will discuss everything related to blogging like how to get traffic for your blog how to earn from the blog, how to write SEO friendly posts etc. Also, tutorials related to Wordpress, Youtube, FIveer will also be updated with time. So stay with us by subscribing to our news feed. 


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